What do I need to run Showtime?

Showtime will run on an iPhone or iPod Touch with OS4.0 or greater. You will also need a WiFi network and a PC/Mac running a web browser (or other browser-based device) on which to view your photos.

Which devices work with Showtime V1.0?

Showtime V1.0 has been tested with the following browsers on Mac OS X and Windows 7:

  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8
  • Firefox 3.6 and 4 Beta
  • Apple Safari 5.0.3
  • Opera 11

Showtime has also been tested with the following internet TV platforms and games consoles:

  • Nintendo Wii*
  • Philips NetTV*
  • Google TV
  • Boxee

* ‘Minimalist’ theme only. Other Opera 9-based devices are likely to work with the Minimalist theme but have not been tested.

If Showtime does not work with your games console or set-top box then try switching to the Minimalist theme and reloading the Showtime page from your browser. Minimalist is a lightweight theme for devices with lower capabilities.

Why does Showtime ask to use my location?

Showtime does not use your location or do any kind of tracking. Any app that needs access to your photos on your iPhone must ask for permission to use your location. This is enforced by Apple because your location is recorded in each photo and, therefore, is theoretically available to the app.

How do I connect to my iPhone?

When you launch Showtime, a mini web-server is started on your iPhone. To connect to Showtime you need to enter your iPhone’s IP address in the address bar of your browser. Depending on the IP address assigned to your iPhone by your wireless router the address may look something like http://192.168.0.x:8080. The address to enter is displayed when you start Showtime and can also be found on the ‘Connection’ tab in the app.

Why won’t my browser connect?

Most people can connect with no problems at all, but we’ve had a few reports of problems. Try these steps:

First, make sure that you are typing in the full web address including the ‘http://’ part. Internet Explorer will not connect if you miss off this first part.

Second, try using the one-click address instead of the numeric IP address. Make sure Showtime is running on your phone and then enter the ‘Bookmark URL’ shown on the ‘Connection’ tab in the Showtime app (by default it is http://go.aptogo.co.uk/iPhone).

Third, if you are running on a jail-broken phone then there might be other apps causing a conflict on port 8080. Try changing the port number to 52123 on the ‘Connection’ tab in the Showtime app. Then try connecting again with the new IP address – it will be something like ‘http://192.168.x.x:52123′.

Fourth, your WiFi router may be set up to block connection between devices on the local network. This is usually the case with routers in shared locations like cafés, bookstores, hotels, dorms etc. If the router is under your control then you might be able to change its settings to allow local devices to communicate. How you do this will depend on the make and model of your router.

How do I set up a browser bookmark?

To connect to your iPhone without needing to type in an IP address you can set up a browser bookmark or use Bonjour. To set up a browser bookmark, create a new bookmark in your web browser and enter the bookmark address that is displayed on the ‘Connection’ tab of the Showtime app. Unless you have changed your device name the bookmark address is ‘http://go.aptogo.co.uk/iPhone’. You also need to check that the ‘Register Bookmark’ option is set to ‘On’ in the ‘Connection’ tab of the Showtime app.
Once you have created this bookmark then you can start the Showtime app and then click on the bookmark in your browser.

How does the browser bookmark work?

If you have selected the ‘Register Bookmark’ option on the ‘Connection’ tab of Showtime then every time that you start Showtime the internal IP address of your iPhone is sent to our servers along with the external IP address or your wireless router. When you click on the browser bookmark that you created in the step above, your web browser contacts our servers and requests to be redirected to the internal IP address registered against your external IP address.

Is the browser bookmark safe?

The registration information includes you iPhone’s internal IP address, your wireless router’s external IP address and the device name that you have specified on the ‘Connections’ tab of the Showtime App (‘iPhone’ by default). No identifying information is sent along with the registration to our servers. Your iPhone’s internal IP address can only be used to access your iPhone from your local network. In short, yes, the browser bookmark is safe. If you don’t wish to use the service then feel free to disable the ‘Register Bookmark’ option on the ‘Connection’ tab of the the Showtime app.

What does the ‘single/multi’ switch do?

When the switch is set to ‘multi’ you can view more than one picture at a time side-by-side (up to 12). To clear the display simply shake the phone while in ‘multi’ mode or switch back to ‘single’ mode and choose another photo.

What does the ‘Disable screen lock’ option do?

In normal use your iPhone goes to sleep after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life. In this state your web browser is not able to communicate with your iPhone. This option disables the ‘Screen lock’ or ‘Sleep mode’ of your iPhone so that communication is not interrupted if you are using the browser interface to view your photos.

Can I use the keyboard to control the Showtime web interface?

Yes, you can navigate your photos using the keyboard. This allows you to view your photos without the onscreen controls.

  • Left – select previous photo
  • Right arrow – select next photo
  • Spacebar – toggle slideshow

Can I download videos with Showtime?

Yes. Showtime allows you to view video stills and download complete HD videos to your computer. Please note that videos must be downloaded individually because of their large size.