For quickly and easily transferring images to or from my iPhone, Showtime is my go-to appLifeInLofi

With this upgrade to version 2.0, Showtime is the best application of its kind on the iPhoneiCommePhoto

Showtime [v1.0] by Aptogo is the app for a painless photo

For its ability to offer downloads and full-screen browsing, Showtime [v1.0] is a

Showtime has reached #1 What’s Hot photo app in the UK and #1 Paid photo app in the Netherlands!

The easiest way to enjoy your iPhone photos on the big screen

Showtime lets you enjoy your iPhone and iPod Touch photos on any browser-enabled device on your WiFi network: a computer, internet tv or games console. All major browsers are supported and we’re working hard all the time to add support for other devices.

No syncing or cables required!

Browse your camera roll and other photo albums straight from your iPhone with no syncing required. Your browser connects straight to your phone allowing you to view your photos immediately with no waiting and no fuss.

Use your iPhone as a remote control

Sit back and enjoy your photos on the big screen while you control the show from your iPhone. Select individual photos or use the navigation controls to move backwards and forwards through your albums. It’s great for showing off your vacation pics! You can also start an automatic slideshow and let Showtime run the show. Feeling lucky? Shake your iPhone for a random picture!

Download full-resolution photos AND videos

Want to download that masterpiece with the same no-fuss approach without syncing or cables? Just hit the Download icon in the browser interface to download a full-resolution version of the current photo straight to your PC or Mac. Downloaded photos retain full EXIF info (location, camera settings etc.) You can also view movie stills and download full videos to your computer for editing with iMovie or sharing.

Version 2.0 adds the ability to download multiple photos with one click. Just select the photos you want to download from the web interface and hit ‘Download’.

Upload photos to your iPhone

Take your photos with you! Upload photos from your computer to your iPhone’s Camera Roll over WiFi. Use the elegant browser interface with support for drag & drop from your desktop.

Where did you take that photo?

Pop up the floating information panel to view date, time, camera settings and a mini-map pinpointing the photo or video location.


Showtime lets you choose different themes to suit your mood and tastes. Version 1 comes with ‘Classic Black’ and ‘Classic White’ – two stylish themes to get you started. Themes are lovingly crafted with beautiful transitions, slides, fades and animation that work right in your browser. Version 2 adds the ‘Minimalist’ theme designed for games consoles including the Nintendo Wii and other Opera 9-based devices such as the Philips NetTV.

Easy one-click bookmark access

Showtime adds one-click access to your iPhone via a browser bookmark. No more typing in IP addresses and port numbers to connect to your iPhone! If you enable the optional service then your iPhone registers itself with our servers so that you can access your iPhone even if its IP address changes.

Check out the video demos, frequently asked questions or contact us for support.

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