Harold Davis: The Photoshop Darkroom

A great app for those wanting to learn a few more interesting Photoshop tricks. As a newbie photoshopper, it was great and helpful to get a little insight into the process. And of course, the pics are gorgeous.Awesome1944 – iTunes Store

Explore inspiring images with ‘Harold Davis: The Photoshop Darkroom’

‘Harold Davis: The Photoshop Darkroom’ is the first in a series of iPad apps developed for Focal Press, which showcases their extensive range of photography titles. The series provides a new way of delivering and experiencing rich content for creative professionals via the medium of the iPad.

In the first of the series, you can explore inspiring images from leading photographer, Harold Davis, on a digital light table using a tactile multi-touch interface. View the story behind each photograph and learn more about the Photoshop techniques that Harold used to achieve the final result. The iPad app includes exclusive animated tutorials and content from the book ‘The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing’ from Focal Press.

The app presents the user with a digital light table, on which are scattered some of Harold’s photographs. These can be moved, stretched and rotated using intuative gestures as if they were physical objects.

The photographs are also jumping-off points to the tutorials. Tap a photograph to zoom it to full-screen size and then flip it over to see the tutorial complete with commentary from Harold Davis and animated tutorial steps.

About Harold Davis

Harold Davis is an award-winning photographer whose work has been widely published and collected. Harold is well known for his night photography and experimental ultra-long exposure techniques, use of vibrant, saturated colors in landscape compositions, and beautiful creative floral imagery.

He has published many books explaining his approach to merging technology and creativity to produce stunning results that fulfil his artistic vision. This is his first interactive eBook. He also maintains the popular photography blog, ‘Photoblog 2.0‘.

About Focal Press

Focal Press has been a leading publisher of Media Technology books for 70 years. They provide essential resources for professionals and students in many areas including: film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theatre technology.


Focal Press approached us with a simple brief: take the existing concept of the book and produce something engaging and informative that goes beyond what is possible in print media. We focussed on the tactile interface of a light table as the starting point for the user experience, reflecting the tactility and form-factor of the iPad. The tutorials were enhanced with animations to go above and beyond the book and provide that ‘wow’ factor.

Aptogo created a re-useable framework for the series that allows Focal Press to quickly roll out new titles without needing to know the technical details of creating and submitting an iPad. With support from Aptogo, Focal Press are making the transition from print media to the iPad, leveraging their own areas of expertise to create new user experiences.

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