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Sports Betting from Betfair

Continuing our successful partnership with Betfair, Aptogo has developed the leading online betting company’s flagship iPhone app. Working closely with Betfair’s designers and product specialists we operated an ‘ultra-agile’ process to deliver bi-weekly updates and react immediately to customer feedback and business needs. Soon after launch, the app became the major generator of Betfair’s mobile revenue and has consistently been in the Top 10 of free sports apps on the App Store and has received glowing reviews.

The app leverages Betfair’s back-end betting services to provide a seamless experience to the sports fan. A huge number of sports are supported in an easy-to-navigate and elegant UI, which was also tailored to provide an enhanced experience on the iPad. Aptogo worked with Betfair’s designers to bring their vision to life with subtle Core Animation effects and custom UI elements.

We also continued the trend we started in the Euro Finals app to provide an entertaining and informative betting experience with news, tips and promotions. Taking this to the next ‘social’ level we also integrated the functions of a tailored Twitter client, providing tips from a curated list of pundits and match-specific chat.

Euro Finals from Betfair

Working with Betfair, one of the leading online sports betting companies, Aptogo produced a bespoke iPhone app for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012). Leveraging Betfair’s existing back-end services, we developed the app under intense time constraints and delivered the completed app one week early, ready for the start of the Championship.

This was Betfair’s first foray into targeted single-competition apps and proved immensely successful amongst Betfair’s existing customers and also increased acquisition of new customers before and during the championship. In addition to Betfair’s first-rate betting experience, the app also provided football fans with engaging news, tips, statistics and live results.

Despite the time constraints, we were able to develop a re-useable architecture that has paved the way for further single-competition apps and demonstrated the benefit to Betfair of augmenting their mainline apps with cost-effective ‘throw away’ apps for individual sporting events.

This app is no longer available in the App Store – look out for Euro Finals 2016!

Showtime for iPhone

Showtime is the easiest way to enjoy your iPhone and iPod Touch photos on the big screen with no syncing or cables. Use any browser-based device (computer, internet TV or games console) to view your photos while you sit back and use your iPhone to control the show.

Harold Davis: The Photoshop Darkroom

Explore inspiring images from leading photographer, Harold Davis, on a digital light table using a tactile multi-touch interface. View the story behind each photograph and learn more about the Photoshop techniques that Harold used to achieve the final result. Includes exclusive animated tutorials and content from the book ‘The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing’ from Focal Press.